At Pure Pharmacy, our customer feedback is important to us. Here is what some of them are saying about us:

Catherine Grant, Broadway customer: I came in to fill a prescription 30 minutes before the pharmacy opened. Lena took care of me right away and cheerfully! Thank you. 

G. Cheema, West 4th customer: I was in your store today on West 4th. I was fortunate to meet your store manager Dawna. I was very impressed with Dawna’s product knowledge and insights into well being. In fact, she really presents information in a very insightful manner and relates well with people. I shall definitely return to Pure to buy products and see Dawna.

Kathleen Lee, South Surrey customer: Halyna has been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful during times that have been difficult. She takes a real interest in her clients and that is extremely refreshing. She has made many suggestions regarding supplements. I will stay with Pure as long as I know I will have Halyna there looking after me. 

Edwin, Dunbar Customer
: I find the staff at this store very pleasant and helpful

Ted, Dunbar Customer: Kal (the pharmacist) always does a great job

Judi, Robson Street Customer: Megan was awesome. I was in a real rush to leave on my trip. She went out of her way to rush my order. She was great. Thank you so much!

Attalyn, West Vancouver customer: The pharmacist that helped me was so nice and accommodated my request free of charge.

Kerry D, South Surrey Customer: Cheryl has been a great help! Thank you very much.

Mary, Oak Street customer: Your staff are always friendly. They are like family – caring, helpful and patient.

Katlin, Edgemont customer: Ying is very informative and has great skills and makes customers feel very well cared for. Makes me want to come back!

Loren, Oak Street customer: Adeline is fabulous. She filled my prescription while I waited. She was so fast I didn’t even have time to sit down. Well done!

Dawn, West 4th Customer:  Bobbi was great! She was very helpful researching a product for me!

Ioana, Pure Pharmacy Robson customer “I like to keep in shape and I work out a lot, but I also suffer from joint pain. It was getting to the point that I wasn’t sure if I could continue my workout regime because the pain was getting so intense. After visiting Pure Pharmacy I was recommended some natural remedies that have made a huge difference in alleviating my pain. While I was there I was also able to pick up some sport supplement powder without having to make the trip to a separate store. I’m able to continue to do what I enjoy and I no longer feel held back by my joint pain.”

Ken. W., Pure Pharmacy Dunbar customer “I have always had trouble with beauty products and cosmetics. Most products react with my skin and cause redness, breakouts, or both. After speaking with a beauty consultant at Pure Pharmacy, I was able to find the products that were the right fit for my skin. The natural beauty products I now use make my skin look and feel great. I wish I had made the natural switch years ago!”

Sarah M., Pure Pharmacy Kitsilano customer “When I began to develop anxiety, I wanted to seek out a solution that didn’t involve turning to pharmaceutical drugs. With the help of Pure Pharmacy I was able to manage my anxiety through a natural course of treatment. The person I spoke with took the time to understand my individual situation and made recommendations based on what he felt would work best for me. I can say that over the last few months I have experienced very positive results in dealing with my anxiety, and I attribute this to the care I received at Pure Pharmacy.”

Jen W., Vancouver Resident “Thank you for helping me to get my life back on track! I felt run down, tired, depressed, and a general lack of motivation and nothing seemed to help. I decided to meet with the Pharmacist at Pure Pharmacy Dunbar. I thought I was a relatively healthy person, but I cannot believe the change in my health with just a few simple supplement additions. I had no idea that being slightly deficient in certain vitamins and minerals was affecting me so drastically. I now feel ready to take on the day!”

Avani R., Pure Pharmacy Dunbar “My cat would not swallow her medication. I tried everything to trick her into taking it, but nothing was working, not even pill pocket treats. Someone suggested I try a customized compound. The pharmacist at my local Pure Pharmacy was able to make a fish-flavoured capsule that my cat actually enjoys eating. Now she’s doing better and I no longer worry about feeding her the medication she needs.” ~

Steven R., West Vancouver “I go to Pure Pharmacy for my hormone replacement therapy, and I have to say that the staff are always very friendly and knowledge and make me feel very comfortable. They always take the time to speak with me about any issues or concerns I have, and they always make sure I understand how the treatment works. I feel good knowing exactly how my menopause is affecting me mentally and physically. It makes me feel in control of it, and better able to manage it.”

Madeline F., West Broadway customer “I love my local Pure Pharmacy. The staff members are always so helpful and informative. I always try to attend the seminars and workshops. I have learned so much about my own health. I feel like I can make more informed decisions. It’s empowering to feel in control!”

Gabby W., West Vancouver “I needed a very specific dose of my medication, but it is not available in the size my doctor prescribed. Instead of trying to cut a pill in two/thirds my pharmacist made me a compound of the exact dosage I needed. Now I don’t have to worry about getting the right amount of medicine or cutting my fingers when I try to cut my tiny pill.”

Edith S., White Rock customer “I switched over to Pure Pharmacy because I like being able to pick up my prescriptions and having all of the natural products to choose from. It’s my one stop shop. I can pick up my gluten-free snacks, my natural toothpaste and my prescriptions, without having to run around to multiple stores to get what I need. It saves me time and I always feel like I learn something new every time I’m there.”

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