Restore your Gut: Heal your Digestion

Do you suffer from distracting digestive complaints, such as annoying heartburn, embarrassing gas and bloating, abdominal pains, constant constipation or diarrhea?  Have you been told you have “Irritable Bowel Syndrome” (IBS), or worse, suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease?  Either end of this spectrum of digestive concerns can contribute to nutrient deficiencies, skin problems, hormone imbalances, poor mood and concentration, even increased risk of other diseases. 

Don’t let your digestive symptoms detract from your daily life, work performance, mood or relationships – join Dr. Kathleen to investigate how to optimize your gut in order to feel better in your own body, improve your mood and performance, and learn what steps you can take to heal your digestion, naturally.

Join Pure Pharmacy & Dr. Kathleen Mahannah

Feb 15, 2017  from 7pm to 8pm

 RSVP to Pure Integrative Pharmacy

103-3053 Edgemont Blvd. North Vancouver

Seating is limited 


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